Saturday, January 3, 2009


It's January 2009 and SUGAR BOXX is hacking its way into the new year like topless-female-prisoner-wielded machetes through everglades sugar cane! After a stunning showing at November's AFM, the producers are currently weighing various distribution offers for the film. A cast & crew exclusive screening is planned for later this month, followed by... (drumroll, please)... THE FILM'S PREMIERE and LIMITED THEATRICAL ENGAGEMENTS possibly beginning in LATE FEBRUARY, 2009 in cities like LOS ANGELES, SAN FRANCISCO, PHOENIX, and more!!! SUGAR BOXX NEWS will list any and all theatres and dates where the film will run, so check back in for more news in the SUGAR BOXX!

Film quote of the month: "Say goodbye to yo' front teeth, bitch!" - Loretta Sims, Hooker